The Plastic Pollution Problem

We are on a mission. A mission to clean up our oceans and waterways. A mission to preserve the health of our planet. And the great news is that YOU can help.


Did you know that Americans throw away 35 BILLION plastic bottles every year? And that it can take up to 1,000 years for plastic to degrade? 


Every item that we produce keeps, on average, 6 plastic bottles out of an ocean or landfill. That means that not only can you look and feel great wearing our apparel for all of your active pursuits, but you can rest easy knowing that YOU are making a difference. 





rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) comes from post-consumer plastic products, such as water bottles. These are sorted, cleaned and transformed into a premium fabric.


rPET Fabric Process






Clean, sort and grind into rPET flakes


Melt into filament and spin into yarn


Develop yarns into fabric


Current rPET Standards

Current rPET Standards

A standard ratio of 30% rPET and 70% virgin raw materials has been established in producing satisfactory product.*
*Fibers and Filaments Issue 16 August 2013*

E-GEN® Standards

E-GEN® Standards

E-GEN® uses significantly more rPET in its development than industry standards. We seek to affect the most positive environmental impact without compromising the integrity of the fabric.



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